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         Martin Kepman and Associates Inc. founded in 1982 is a boutique business development and management consulting firm owned and operated by its president Martin Kepman . Martin in his 34 years of consulting experience has consulted on a wide range of projects, in multiple industries ranging from software, soft goods, printing, food to mining.Martin is highly skilled at planning, organization as well as assisting Corporations in financing and has secured funds for both public and private Companies He has successfully implemented a variety of installations for a significant number of major corporations. Due to his practical approach, he has been recognized as an expert in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Corporations within various industries as well a successful specialist in turnarounds Martin has brought innovative projects to fruition, while assembling key people to minimize risk thus resulting in maximizing return on investment Martin Kepman and Associates has evolved with the needs of their clients over the years with a team of highly skilled professionals guided by Martin Kepman


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-         Firm was formed in 1982 with the mission of offering expert services in management, diagnostic implementation programs and training as well as comprehensive evaluation of company's strengths and weaknesses for strategic business plans;

-         Implement a variety of installations for a significant number of major corporations and because of our practical approach, has been recognized as an expert in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of corporations

-         Consulting firm under Mr. Kepman provides consulting implementation programs

-         Assist companies enabling them to be more competitive and successful within the marketplace

-         Assist Corporations in financing and secure funds for public and private Companies

-         Provide experienced consultants, who are experts within their fields and sensitive to the clients, corporations, and shareholder/investors needs

-         Employ efficient and flexible methodologies ,adapted to each situation, along with proven interactive and practical sessions based on individual and organizational needs and expectations; with effective follow-ups and reinforcements, projects which has proven to be very successful

-         Has worked in association with both provincial and federal government agencies in defining strengths and weaknesses of companies, as well as successfully defining and implementing required recommendations

-         Assisted a multitude of corporations with their R & D projects in order to attain Federal and Provincial tax credits

-         The Company of Martin Kepman & Associates has also worked over the years with both Provincial and Federal Funding Assistance Programmes to include: National Research Council Canada (IRAPS), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) now changed to Investment Cooperation Programme (INC) and Comité adaptation de la main d’oeuvre (C.A.M.O)

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